“A Sketch and A Story”

Hi, If you know me, then you are not too much surprised to see the title of my blog. If you do not, well-I have recently discovered a few new hidden talents in my “golden” (hate that term) years. 63 and I do not feel a day over 40. Good for me! I have decided to take on this project because little stories and sketches are piling up around my house with no one to share them with. Who knew? Playing the piano, organ and creating jewellery had always been my artistic mediums.

Oh well, go with the flow and see what happens, right? So, for the next 6 months or so, I am heading into a new adventure. The visions and sketches in my head and the stories floating around in there are going to match up to create a sketch and a story-I hope!  My first post is coming soon. Hope you will come along for the ride! Good Day! Myra


5 thoughts on ““A Sketch and A Story”

  1. You can tell I am. I have not left my computer/desk and pens since I set up my blog. Thanks for your support and patience! I’m in my element-the world of words, colours, visions and paint!


    1. Hey Susan! Thanks girl! I hope I can live up to this. Go with your “words”-see where they take you-you will be amazed! Thanks for following! Love and miss you!


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