“Suzette The French Snail”


Pandora Box-open shellChapter 3

As the day turned to afternoon, Suzette awoke to a strange sensation. She felt as though she was weightless and bobbling up and down. Afraid to come out of her shell, she squirmed in as tightly in as she could and held her breath. Suzette then felt coldness all around her and heard a voice say, “Now, that is a perfect place for you. You can stay right there until you come out of your shell and I will give you some food. You will be my little pet as long as I want.” Suzette was terrified and even more so when she heard loud scraping noises coming from above her! She squirmed as far into her shell as she possibly could: trembling with fright! The same voice continued saying, “These holes will allow air into your jar so that you will not suffocate. I want you to be my pet for…

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