Happy Chaos

woman and tornadoOkay, I have started three p0sts this week and finished none. Has that ever happened to you? It was all because of “Happy Chaos” in my life. The woman in the picture describes my week perfectly except for the tornado, thank goodness! The twister was in my head, as I sat gazing into the distance wondering how to prioritize all the good stuff I had to do that kept me away from writing. As you see, the clutch represents my portfolio of sketches and scribbles held tightly for fear of losing them all together. The travel bad is packed for a trip I had to make and of course the weather was as nasty as any late February in the South will ever be!

I happily lead two music teams on the piano and organ, including a guitarist and flute, which called for preliminary meetings and coordination. I had a much needed hair appointment, eye exam and an MD visit. Tomorrow my oldest son and his wife are coming in for the weekend. More happy chaos!

For many past seasons my life seemed to be at a standstill. In the blink of an eye, all has changed! A new season is upon me! We have two grandchildren on the way, I have discovered new gifts in the wonder of colour and words, I am continually inspired by reading fellow bloggers like yourselves and life has turned a new corner.

I like that I sat on the bench in chaos for a week. I have gained a new perspective on my inner self and I can see where I really am.

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