“Circle of Five”

          Over the years I have thought about this question very often and regretted some decisions I have made in relationships I have chosen to keep and those I have left behind. In college I was stimulated by conversations with students and professors who, like myself loved medieval literature, the dark characters, the poems of Homer, Virgil and Milton. Long hours into the night of philosophical discussion on the works of these masters are my best memories. I felt alive! I was among my own kind! I fit in where I never had before!

I stayed in contact with a couple of these guys after graduation and we could take up right where we left off-often at a party or bar and go again until the wee hours. Alas, I had chosen to enter into a long-term relationship with someone who had absolutely no idea what we were talking about, he got angry and jealous and so the my precious conversations stopped.

      This marriage did not last, as you can imagine. I am married again now and have been for 34 years. I am mentally stimulated in different ways in this relationship, but it is still not the same as those early relationships. We have two sons.

       One of our sons is a person I would choose to be in my “Circle of Five”. He is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. He is an ENT surgeon. Since he came into this world he has been over and above any of those who taught him and he is also humble and understanding. Besides being a mathematical and physiological genius, he is also a master musician-mostly self taught. He plays piano, guitar and harmonica. His chords sound like Gershwin-off the top of his head. He listens and he teaches. He loves all things from literature to cancer research. I come alive when we talk!

      Jonathan Edwards is another man I would love to spend an evening with. Of all the greats of the 20th century, this man has an understanding of the Fullness of God and the very essence of The Trinity and the ability to explain it in near layman’s terms better than any one I know. For me, seeing The Godhead as a circle of unbounding Love-so great that it cannot be contained-Creator, Spirit, Word-circling in infinity-And the Word was sent forth-shot like an Arrow from The Godhead-plenipotentiary (one who has the same authority as the one who sent him)  And the Word (Christ) came into the world. The Arrow-the son of God was sent forth in love. And the world was created for him and by him(Christ-the son). Edwards goes on to explain that The Spirit (the helper) is that part of the Trinity who points to The Son to show the world who He is, to interpret the scriptures and to fill believers with power to further God’s kingdom on earth. Anyone who has been given such an insight into the things of God is a person I would pick to be in my “Circle of Five”.

I have a friend who has been my true and best for 40 years. She knows me better than I know myself. I have told her things no one else knows about- things I am proud of and those I am ashamed of. She has seen me at my best and at my very worst. She is a human being and has many faults of her own, but she always tells me the truth. I respect her for who she is. She is a much better person than I am. I never leave a visit with her without learning something new about myself and life. I count her in my “Circle of Five”.  

        My dad died when I was 19. He was a tragic figure, an alcoholic all his life. There are many things I do not understand about him because we were not able to communicate or have a normal relationship. He, like my younger son, was somewhat of a genius. He was a master photographer before his time. He was an  accomplished musician, also self taught and extremely charismatic. Our  relationship is one I am confused about, it haunts me, and I would like to talk with him to gain closure. I also want to know him as he would have been as a sober father. My dad I would count in my “Circle of Five”.

      Walter Holmes was at college with me. He was one of the guys in the group of us who discussed and loved Medieval literature. Walter was killed in a car crash two years after graduation. I regret that I caved-in to my first husband and stopped being a part of that group. If wishes could bring Walter back, he would be counted in my “Circle of Five”.

      Last but not least, my husband would certainly be in my  “Circle of Five”. I have wanted to get inside his head and get him to tell me what is going on in there since I first set eyes on him in 1969! He is brilliant beyond belief, reads all the time, taught our boys math up to trig at the dinner table since they were 5 or 6, is a self-taught musician, engineer, master caption’s licence holder, master marine contractor and southern gentleman. He is a man of few words and does not see the point of discussion. Oh, how I wish he did!

This is my “Circle of Five”

Myra Dingle


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Circle of Five.”

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