“What is Love”

The Word Incarnate made known to us in flesh by the birth of our saviour Christ Jesus, once made a not so small statement, “Love your enemies and do good to those who hate you.” He was Very God of Very God. Sent into the word on a mission of Love to those who rejected and shunned him until the end. He could have at any time, called on the whole Hosts of heaven to stop his death and crucifixion, yet he chose Love. This is the ultimate Love, that a man lay down his life for his friends. This event was The defining Love event of the world. It defines Love. The Cross defines Love.

Love is complicated because it is of the heart and of the mind. God made it so.  There is emotion of course, but more will involved than we realize. For instance, in God’s plan there is a family unit consisting of a father (protector), mother (nurturer) and children (gifts from God to be stewarded by parents until grown). Love naturally happens in these relationships in a relative and progressive order. For example, the passionate love between the young couple cannot be sustained and grows into something deeper as children come. Father becomes more provider and protector and mother becomes less lover and more nurturer. The Love now for children is now very powerful and centres around them. This is not passion it is a natural familial love, binding them together with one goal and will.

As children age into young adults, problems arise inside the family and in the world outside the home. Will to Love both children in there wilfulness and aging parents in their wilfulness has to become a choice. This is not a heart Love it a choice Love. Husband and wife may loose all passion for one another during these years or not. It is willed Love to retain passion Love. It has to be a choice.

Children choose spouses of their own and parents may or may not especially like them or perhaps would have chosen another type person for that child. This is a point in which the parent must choose to Love. It is a Will Love. The child sees the parent willing to Love and the child loves the parent in return. If the opposite happens, a riff in the family centre begins. Love is now a choice for the adult child.

Older parents are dying, pitiful and causing pain in the family. Emotional pressure and worry has misplaced love with fear, guilt and agitation. This is a choice again to Love. It is Agape Love. All abounding and expecting nothing in return from someone who has the ability to give nothing in return. Mother and father bring in the children and they agree as a family to bring grandparents home. There they will stay until they die. It is a Choice Love of the Will, Mind and Heart-Agape Love.

As the time with grandparents dying at home progresses, a kind of miracle happens. Son brings fiancé who forms a bond with grandpa. She reads to him, and listens to his jokes on his good days. She cries after and has to leave the room. Son brings old photo albums and shows them to grandma and they laugh and remember every photo and when it was taken.

Mom and son talk. Son tells Mom it’s okay, he knows. He understands. He loves her and he loves the girl for all she is and all she has done for grandpa. Son tells Mom his fiancé is a person who gives communion to the homebound and they would like to offer that to his grandparents. Mom and Dad agree it would be good. They thank both son and the girl.

The girl has willed to love this family’s aging parents and a sort of miracle occurs. Because they see her willingness to love, they begin to love her in response. A new family of love is born.

This is the circle of Love that is within the Trinity. It is too huge to be contained. It has to burst forth, grow, be shared and continue to grow.


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