Stories from Pawleys Island

PawleysI took a walk on the beach road yesterday. When I say the beach I mean Pawleys Island, that tiny strip of land, three miles long, between the ocean and the creek off the mainland where I live. Ever since my children who are now 34 and 32 were in a double stroller, I would push them from our house on the mainland over to the island to where their dad was building whatever dock he was working on at the time. Yesterday their dad was repairing a dock I pushed them to when they were 2 and 4, so that dock has been there for 30 years. Hurricane Hugo hit this area on September 22, 1989 with a vengeance and demolished a good portion of our little island and the mainland. Many of my husband’s docks stood up through the storm. Storm surge is fickle and often takes all of one house and leaves the one next door totally untouched.

While I was walking, many of the houses brought back memories from over the years and I decided I would write a series of stories about my memories from Pawleys Island. The stories will go back as far as my childhood and culminate into the present. I hope you will enjoy them!

Happy Reading!


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