Theme from Louisanna and the Lopsided Kingdom

LouisannaOh yes, the Tree had Louisanna under its spell. Knowing that she could not reach the fruit was driving her crazy. As hard as she tried to balance herself on the tangled roots to get close enough to jump and clasp onto a branch, it was simply impossible. The smaller knots on the gnarled roots caused her to twist and sprain her ankles. It was as though the roots of the Tree had grown in that manner purposefully so that it would be impossible for anyone to ever reach the fruit.

Louisanna thought it was strange that no over ripened fruit was on the ground around the Tree.  All the other trees in the garden were laden with over ripe fruit laying in masses under them.

 It had not occurred to her that this could be a special tree-that it might have mystical powers-the Tree of good and evil or the Tree of Life. It was surely the largest of the two trees and was near the middle of the garden. Regardless, she did not intend to ask Apollyon, the snake or God which of the trees this one was! Right now she did not care!

Apollyon and the snake were watching her and laughing at her pitiful antics as she tried to reach the fruit, stumbled and tore her ankles to pieces. Apollyon’s plan was to eventually help Louisanna reach the fruit and watch her eat it to her heart’s content. He saw himself as the new saviour of the world and Louisanna as the First Born to new life by eating the fruit at his bidding. At his command Louisanna would have eternal life, and by this act he would again place himself on the same level as the Most High God-as he was before he fell from grace.

Apollyon’s gift of eternal life would be wrought by theft and a lie; by deceiving the girl and mocking the Word and the free gift of God. In truth, Apollyon did not know what the outcome would be if the girl ate the fruit of the Tree of Life, but he was willing to give it his old Copy Cat try. He did not care for the fate of the girl; his puppet, his pawn, his sacrifice. Al and everything he could think of was greatness and standing once again in the ranks of High Powers and Principalities. The life of Louisanna meant nothing to him what so ever.

Apollyon’s plan was working perfectly so far as he could tell. The small setback at the garden gate was nothing now compared to how far he had come. Try as he might, he could not “see” this Eli who would be the girl’s champion. Some powerful spirit blocked Eli from his vision. This was the one issue that gave Appolyon pause. Like all great warriors, he did not like surprises, but he had a plan for that as well.

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