“I Want More Words”

Stories, read or spoken to me since I can remember have been a doorway to another dimension, an escape from reality and a rise above the surroundings I found myself in. Pictures added flavour and colour, but I found they were somewhat in the way of my imagination.

As I grew older, words were what I sought the depth of. Literature, I found was filled to overflowing with symbolism, metaphor and hyperbole, making the writing like layers upon layers of mysteries to solve and explore. Words held such hidden distinctions and multiple meanings in advanced Literature that I was in heaven!

‘I Want a Word’ was a subject I took as a sophomore. I wanted more words! Each new word, its origin, meaning, usages, counter-usages, examples of best uses in Literature, metaphor and symbolism I learned was like a new nugget of gold I had in m hand. A piece of silver that was all mine that I could possess and use forever.

This one course enriched my course of study which was for a BA in English Lit. I literally consumed book upon book and poem upon poem weekly, writing essays and critiques on them afterwards. I never felt like I was studying because I loved what I was doing!

My professors used what I had learned in the’ Word’ class in their lectures and my knowledge of the depth of their meanings excited and encouraged me. As when I was a small child, the stories took me away to a deeper dimension, a place apart.

The Canterbury Tales I studied in Middle English were one such example. The origins of the words were already deep in my memory. I was able to both read,  translate and listen, understanding every word in the Middle English, including the symbolism and metaphors.

Yes, Words, Reading and Writing were my favourite subjects in school.

I suppose you would call that English Grammar.

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