Bobby Dingle, 45 Years of Dock Building and counting

This is my sweet husband. He is the #1 Dockbuilder in the Pawleys Island area!

Pawleys Island Life

Tip Top Docks
Bobby Dingle has been shaping Pawleys Creek for more than 45 years.  He
began his dock apprenticeship working with PI legend Dickie Crayton back in
1967, where he fell in love with the engineering of dock building, not to
mention the beautiful views that surround him everyday.  After running the
BP gas station at the South Litchfield Causeway, where the Eagles Beachwear
now sits, and trying his hand at general carpentry, Bobby incorporated Tip
Top Building Co. in 1980, which he has been running with the help of just a
few guys at a time, ever since.  It would be safe to say that he is
responsible for close to half of the docks on Pawleys Creek, along with a
large number of beach walkways and bulkheads.  One of the things Bobby is
most proud of is engineering a way to build docks that holds them level in
the soft…

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