“The Sisters”

The old maid sisters sipped their afternoon tea in the solarium as the sun shown in upon the ferns, geraniums and well-tended orchids.

“Well, I suppose we will have to advertise for another border,” Gertie said. “I

suppose so. I was growing fond of Mr. Holden, although he did have those bad habits,” Hanna replied. “We have to do what we must, sister, as always.

Gertie moved to the plants and picked up the misting apparatus. “Not too much,

now Dear. You know you sometimes go overboard.” “Oh shaw, Hanna, mind to your own. The orchids are my children!” Gertie snapped. “You can see to the others. Why don’t you write-up the for rent notice for the paper. In the morning we will take a nice stroll downtown to The Times and give it to Mr. Prince.”

“That will be a proper time to go as the mail comes at 4:00. We will have a nice lunch and nap before the mail arrives. We are expecting that package, you know.” Hanna said with a twinkle in her eye.

“We do really need that shipment, do we not? The odour in the basement is growing quite foul. I would hate to have someone drop by before we could make arrangements to deal with it.” Gertie went on.

“The hardest portion is already done, sister. The parts are small and we have the tub ready. Once the solution is delivered it will be quick as a wink and there will be fertilizer for the children once more!” Hanna said with glee.

The sisters held hands and twirled themselves around like little girls, giggling and dancing.

Three weeks later, a knock came at their door. A well-clad elderly gentleman appeared holding a notice from The Times with a glowing reference from Mr. Prince, the Editor. The sisters welcomed him warmly and he came in for tea.

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