“The Druid Speaks”



This piece is by Igor Kieryluk. He has some seriously awesome pieces on his page!I have found you at last. Millenniums I have sought you out, you who fell from heaven like a prince. The Star of the Morning they called you. I, a prince myself thought you to be high above all, greater than any I have met in my millions of years of life on earth. I thought you were higher than The prophet Buda, Kublai Kahn, the greatest of warriors, Caesar himself  who conquered the world, Dante who descended to your domain itself and his loyal companion poet, higher that Augustine who, once he saw God brought all the world together in His name and lastly ourselves, the ancient of ancients, still worshipped and hallowed since the beginning of time.

But as the Holy Scriptures the God of Israel foretold, you crawl, you slither along the ground in the dust on the scales of your ancient belly. There is nothing new about you. Do you have one original idea or new scheme today as we meet? I fear not!

I touch you and a spark-like glimmer arises. Am I to fear so much as that? Where are your minions who have sworn to serve you in High Places with Powers and Principalities? No. I think not.

I believe you are alone. I believe this is you at your greatest. I have to say, I am somewhat disappointed.

What a sorrowful sight to behold-The Prince of Darkness crawling on his belly all these thousands of years.

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