West Virginia Song

“I bought this for you.” she said to her son. He sat staring sadly at the small TV with his younger brother in the semi-dark room.

“What, are we rich now?” was the boy’s reply. he did not even look at the large bag his mother left on the table.

“No. we are not.” was her answer, and she threw a marsh mellow at him. He smiled a little. His younger brother got up and went for the whole bag.

The boy got up and went outside. From the front yard of the trailer park he could see the blue/green mountains surrounding him in every direction. He used to love it here. Not now.

He used to love his Mom. Now, he was not sure. They money seemed to have changed her. He was tired of her bringing him new stuff he didn’t want.

There they were. He saw the miners coming home now. He felt sick again.

He felt sick a lot since the accident at the mine. He didn’t want money. His heart was torn out.

His dad used to be coming home now.

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