In Response to: “A Handshake and Your Word”

Forty Five Years of Dock Building on Pawleys Island

It is said still said in some places like Pawleys Island, that  a man’s word is as good as any contract. It depends of course on the man.

Bobby Dingle is one of those men. I am proud to be his wife. His boys are equally as proud to be his sons. He is a dying breed. A man of his word. His handshake, or email or promise made over the phone is good enough for those he does business with.

Hundreds of thousands of dollar docks and bulkhead oral contracts are made in my earshot weekly. It is as good as that!

Bobby does it right the first time. He is a true Southern Gentleman. He is man folks trust.

Over the 45 plus years of dock building, he has mentored so many young men that I cannot count them. From Bobby they have learned a work ethic, skills they will always be able to use to make a living, and most importantly honesty and humility.

If you are ever in Pawleys Island, mention Bobby Dingle and you will hear that he is a legend in his own time. A man whose handshake is as good as any piece of legal paper.

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