Pan, Where is Your Soul?

Pan and Shadow

Oh Pan, where is your soul?

Does it dwell within your heart?

I think not,

In your head?

I do not believe it to be true,

Within your innermost parts-unseen?

Oh no, to be sure not,

Is it in your fanciful and play full

Ability to fly and soar as a bird?

Beware to believe in this foolishness,

For what will you do when Hook has you

On The Rack

Your body stretched beyond agony?

I, your Shadow, your other half,

Can simply fly away

Leaving half of your soul behind.

Then, Pan

How will you repent, choose, Christ or Devil

Heaven or Hell?

You see, Pan,

Without me, you cannot have a soul.

We are one and the same.

Black and White.

Evil and Good.

The Soul is One.

God made it so.

Pan and His Shadow.






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