A Privilege and a Shame

Land grants from the Throne, gifts like beautiful cruel Grace

creating Southern Aristocracy

Plantations seemingly solid as stone

 Palatial Mansion Everests

Resting along wide Tannic Rivers.

Avenues of Ancient Live Oaks

Implying lazy Interminable Virtue

Robot-like House Slaves, children of African Princes

starched in black and white Livery

Others like muddy wine dancers toil

 in the Midas Grain

Daylight ’til the Evening return to

  Whitewashed dwellings where

Children play like happy flames in the Firey Dust.

Gentile ladies with sugar squares drip Absinthe 

While Brightly Head-wrapped African Queens cook.

Their starched menfolk serve the Masters

In Leathered rooms,

Smokey with tobacco and Hashish.


 Generations like ours hold fast to custom and

More than a trace memory remains

in Families owning that evil Evolution.


A privilege among us and A shame to us born with silver spoons.

9 thoughts on “A Privilege and a Shame

  1. Hi everyone at The Commons:
    I love all the posts you have made-your peoms are well written, full of soul, heartfelt truth that comes from deep within yourselves and you get more accomplished daily.
    Daily life has taken me away from you and I am sorely distressed!
    Keep writing! You are amazing!
    Myra Dingle @ myrapawleys@wordpress.com


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