People of DUST…

The People of DUST

I usually find myself pondering the important relativities of life-grand and illusive concepts my mind attempts to grasp. For hours I delve into reference and research, only to have come up to nothing except hours wasted on the web and a floor of open books.

Ah Ha! Yesterday, the answer to one of my ponderings was joyously revealed! I am now able to actually grasp the concept of DUST-all from one tiny picture!

Have you pondered the problem of Dust? We are all aware-or thought we were-of what makes up dust: sloughed-off skin; mites, so minute to be invisible; pollen; animal dander; lint and particles from our air-flow systems.

I find Dust to be quite intelligent in nature. It has a mind of its own and out-smarts me on a daily basis. Using the best products (and reviews) there is no way to stay ahead of it. Now I know the WHY!

The People of Dust exist and are alive and well! They are intelligent beings, each with his or her own role to play in keeping Dust around us at all times and in every nook and cranny. They have names-I am most positive of it! You may name them for yourself, if so inclined.

As for me, I will now lay the grand and illusive pondering over Dust to rest with assurance that it (they) will be with us forever in this life. When the chore comes due, I will look upon it with a lighter heart and perhaps a glint of a smile and sneeze, knowing The People of DUST are taking care of business and having loads of fun!

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