Throwback Thursday

Myra 2 and one half

The Huge 65:

it arrives at its time for us all. For me, the grand event takes place next month-on the 9th of December to be exact. Like most women, I woke up one morning and asked myself, after a gaze at the image above the sink, “Who is that?”, “When did I get this old?”.

Thankfully, the years have taught me wisdom and some knowledge, the prior I covet more. These days I am happy with who I am, have been and hope to grow into. I have a feeling of Freedom from envy, need of more, insecurity about my children and grandchildren, what life will bring and fear of the eminent. I try daily to live in the light of eternity-having all hope in things seen and unseen.

I look back at the photo of the little girl, Myra and see that hope. In between that photo and today have been years of intense joy as well as dungeons of darkest despair. Every experience has made me who I am. I no longer regret, forget, hold on to or re-live it. Forgiveness of myself is the key. Acceptance of who I am and can be tomorrow is the answer.

The Big 65:

Bring it on! My hope and sureness of the next twenty or so years is joy in life of married love, creativity, family, good friends and a greater growing into the woman I was created to be,

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