Winter Tale-Seaking Truth


A child again

Warmth of the mid-day sun

Flat on my back

The Heavens a Blazing Sea

of Glorious Stories

My mind rises into them

Swirling among the planets and Stars

I hang from Orion’s Belt

Fall, Galaxies down

Into The Dipper’s

Worm Hole

Fuzzily commeting into

the Cosmos-landing

upon the Terrible Claw of

The Scrawling Scorpion

Drunk and Hypnotized

by Joy and Fear


Big Bear-nearly unseen, now

but near-Dangerous, yet Safe

Multicolored Light-Shine

Surrounds me

Plumblined from the North Star

On The Dipper Handle

I Fall

Like a Jet


I cannot breathe

or Catch my Breath

I am always

Laughing/Crying/Yearning for More

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