Turnback Time: (in an instant)

Grandmama's 3rd birthday announcement in Gtn Times!

Living in a small town, being born there with roots to the past, present and future is sometimes  surprisingly comforting and exciting. I came across this article from our hometown newspaper. The article is at least 100 years old. The paper, The Georgetown Times, is even older.

My paternal grandmother, Grandmamma as I called her, was three years old and having a birthday party. I recognize most of the names of her guests and knew a few of them personally as a small child. The Beaty guests were members of our family, my Great Uncle and second cousin. I am guessing these guests were near in age to Grandmamma and handpicked by her parents, Edgar Beaty, Sr. and Emma Collins Beaty.

What a joy and how refreshing to see what was important to report in the newspaper 100 years ago! A birthday party for a three year old was actually newsworthy!

I grew up in my grand mamma’s family home. It is the first place and environment I remember and I know every nook and cranny of it by heart. It is easy to visualize the party at hand. I can see the children gathered around the big, round dining room table, Grandmamma at the place of honor with her homemade Birthday cake in front of her, she dressed in her Sunday best! Surely she was flanked on either side by her mother, father, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and friends.

I wish there was a photo of the gala event! I would bet that the lace tablecloth was the same one that adorned the very same table at my own Birthday parties 60 or so years later. Surely the china was the same, as were the silver spoons and forks for the ice cream and cake! A few f the bigger serving pieces of that silver I have in my chest with dates on the back-1846! If I am not mistaken that silver predates the Civil War! What fun to envision all this in my mind’s eye.

My grandmother was my best friend, loving second mother, avid teacher and encourager. She was a woman ahead of her time. She was the only sister in her family to attend and graduate from college. She attended Winthrop in Rock Hill, attained a degree and taught second grade for 26 years in our hometown. She was a handsome, lady-like woman, straight-laced and intelligent. Grandmamma raised her two boys on her own with the help of her older brother and sister-both unmarried, who lived in the family home. This great aunt and great uncle were there to help raise me as well. Together they raised two generations in that family house and I suspect much in the same way despite the changes in the outside world. Grandmamma’s husband, my grandfather, died when my father was 4 years old and she was expecting with her second son. Grandmamma returned home from Bamberg after his death.

It has been beyond fun to share this bit of family history with you, my readers.



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