clasped fitful hands, fierce in friendship.. amid mysteries, wonders of young womanhood, gracefully in pain…

Hanging in my vision like a hole

into a world I feared.

Dragging me into

a bottomless



Decades lay in wait.

Where would I be?

In the first joyous years

A child with every need

wish and desire



Ah! But life is not for the faint of heart!

Where there is the fairy princess?

There stands the Wicked Wood,

a dragon mouth to swallow,

chew and

spit out.


The dragon chameleon and cunning is.

Those tangled stands of trees,

beautiful, glorious, fetching

So tasting enough, and just that until

I become an opium dreamer.

Craving-a captive.


Billowing bright days, blissful childhood

Pubescent poverty blooming ,

gracefully in pain

Amid mysteries, wonders of womanhood.


Clasped fitful hands

Fierce in friendship

That  of young women in flux.


Solitary, free moving, thinking, learning

Exuberant in myselfness.

Master of my all.

Life abounds- anything can be!

Academia, oh my monumental muses!

Words in all their plethora, splendor,

spellings, divergence and derivatives,

In the time capsules of the burning truth,

great Southern novels,

Medieval poetry

Dante Alighieri’s epic trio,

he, dangling on the brink of the very hand

of God


The Beast.


The Wicked Wood arises among the exuberance.



“Burn the Administration Building!”

God is Dead. “Drop In-Tune Out”, “Get Stoned”,

“Make Love, not War.” / Nixon’s our Man!

Watergate, White house Tapes,

Woodward and Bernstein-“Washington Post”.


Every option opined,

Rebelled in joyous communion.

Regretted in deliberate desperation.

In preferred modes of intoxication.



After Academia,



Being Exuberantly woman

Making Love

Giving Birth

Lifelong Friendships

Raising Children


Trusting, Loving

Knowing Myself
























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