Blazing Space Pirate


Blazing Color

In a time when stars were within an arms reach, I dreamed of being a space pirate.

My hands were on fire to hold the reigns of a horse that streaked through galaxies like the very first rocket in the world.

On the greenest planets, pudgy hidden hedgehogs would meet me, holding blistering red and black ladybugs for my saddlebags.

Light years away on a blindingly glistening star, a creature like the polar bear with wings of an angel awaited me. Her contribution to my contraband might be blossoms delicate and radiant-heads pushing up through eons of blowing snow.

My pirate pony, whipping worm holes would soft-land on the dream star of all Rocketeers which holds the final mystery and finest treasure.

My space steed and I might go on forever, gallopping-at a space speed know to only a few. The residents of the dream star waved us away with a brave new saddlebag of knowledge,

The Blazing Color of Gravity




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