A Lipogram of a Novel-A writing Challenge

Wordsmith is an online mailing that I receive daily. The site provides a new word a day including the etymology and examples of uses from literature, business and science.

The word for yesterday was “lipogram”. I was certain I knew this word and all its uses. I was wrong!  Writing a poem or a very short story without the use of one letter is a challenge for me. Imagine writing an entire novel without the use of the vowel E!

The French novelist, Georges Perec wrote “La disparition”  doing just that-yes, a full-fledged novel sans the letter E. That just about blew my mind!

Searching a little further, I discovered that an american novelist translated “La disparition” into English, calling his novel “A Void”, using only the vowels, A, O and U, same as the word “lipogram”. And Voids protagonist is named Anton Vowl!

The Challenge: Write a poem-using only the vowels A, O and U.

Simply post it to wordpress under: Lipogram Challenge

Out All, Go!!!   myrapawleys@wordpress.com






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