“Aprile”: Calling Supermom

I would trade my magic cape for a wide-brimmed hat and new pair of heels…

These are the two weeks of my life that arrive each year when I rush into a phone booth, don my magic cape and become-Supermom! I begin shopping, blowing up balloons, wrapping gifts, baking pound cakes and shipping packages. I love it and I take the challenge.

Both my sons and my brother have birthdays this week. My wedding anniversary is next week and Easter falls in-between-somewhere. Music rehearsal happens at least twice and piano students are waxing and waning with Spring fever. Manicures and pedicures must be attended to, but not before grand-baby sitting.

This year I have begun a kitchen make-over to boot. Yep-half done, in the balance. Next thing: Reservations for trip to visit other son who lives out of state, hid Birthday is April 5th- done-aha! Oh look! Flash sale on-line! Change the old reservation-$50 penalty-save $250! (That only took 2 hours!)

This morning the 1st pound cake came out of the oven. Perfecto! Alas, that is not always the end of the story. One down, two to go…Grandma’s receipt-tried and true? Good? Yes! Perfect every time? Not so much.

Today-visit my brother-Happy Birthday! He loves sci-phi movies. More shopping for the one he wants! Later, see my son-Happy Birthday! Proudly deliver the “perfecto” pound cake (just like his grandma made) adorned with numbers and swirly candles and a “man gift” from-you guessed it-amazon.com-understood between he and dad…That’s good stuff! My gift is a Starbucks gift card-ugh! It’s the thought that counts-right?

By the way, a great Southern tradition in horse racing takes place today-The Carolina Cup. in Camden, SC. THAT is where I would be if I could say, “Beam me up, Scottie.” Oh, to adorn myself in a new spring outfit, hat and heels, have a mint julep with friends and watch the ponies!

Ah, yes. I would gladly trade my magic cape for a wide-brimmed hat and a new pair of heels in a moment’s notice!

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