Musings, Moods and Mysteries


A secret I believe is mine.

A trap set for my being

Endured, tip-toed about, out-smarted at times.


Tangling my words, thoughts, expressions,

Binding yesterday with today

Blinding me to reality and sanity

An entity, cunning, wonderful-fascinating, dangerous,

Whispering choices, delightful-temporal-alluringly dark.

Leaving me wasted-wanting-addicted and superior.


…                         Thus they pull, without arrest                …


Another beacons; frightening, full of light-powerful, unspeakable

Sounding unknown words, ethereal-eternal-exquisitely mysterious.

Lifting my mind upwards to imaginings greater-above myself.

By Grace to God I am held.

By myself to sin I am bound.

Twixt the lines the crux is found.












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