Bird Tales

a young wood pecker landed on Bobby’s hat…
he and the bird took it as an in-common communication..
I believe he is the Pied Piper of Hamlin…

My husband is a soft-spoken, gentle, laid-back kinda guy. He is never seen without his hat on his head, his Tip Top Building Company logo pocket tee and his bare feet. He does marine construction and is present on every job. His two helpers are a priest and a bartender. They work Monday through Thursday 8 AM-12 Noon with a break at 10:30. On occasion making exceptions for the tide, they are forced to work in the afternoons. To get on as Bobby’s helper is a coveted position. 

One morning this week a young wood pecker landed on Bobby’s hat. Without fear, the bird stayed at its perch for five minutes or more to the delight of his employer and workers who rushed for their phones, snapping pics in amazement. 

Bobby and the bird were delighted yet not amazed, taking this occurrence as an in-common communication, so Bobby related the story to me. According to him, the wood pecker first landed on his finger, looked him in the eye, pecked on his hand and then roosted on his head. 

Bobby believes it was a Red Palliated Wood Pecker, for those who are of the Audubon persuasion.  As for me, I continue to believe as I always have, that my husband is a direct descendant of the Pied Piper of Hamlin.


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