Summer Morning

Strange for a little town girl. I am not scared. The smell hurts my nose. I can keep climbing. I don’t like it up here! It’s so hot. My eyes burn and I can’t see. Okay, I can duck. Don’t tell them I’m dizzy. “No, you can’t sit down yet!” If she pushes me I’ll fall! Sticky leaves in my face, so hot, I’m so hot! “I want to get down!” Susan does, too. We have to sit on the dirty boards. I can’t breathe! I can’t stand the smell! This is the hottest place in the world! Why am I here?! I can see light.I am moving down the ladder. I hit the ground-hard. Blackness.

Little town girl is a hero. All her town friends have never been in a real tobacco barn.

Summer Morning-1959

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