A tiny Island on the coast between Charleston and MB SC

Bio: Thanks for stopping by! All of you are amazing writers, artists, poets and photographers! I am honored to be in such company every day, learning from you! I hope you find something you enjoy here today.

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11 thoughts on “About

    1. Welcome to the “South”! I love South Florida! Take look at my post: “Latitude 27o N X 82o W” . Let me know what you think! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


      1. Hey Jane, I just write about what’s in my head…it’s all I know to do. It’s the best I can do in one day…I love to play with images-try to merge them with my pieces:> Oh well…

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      2. You find – and create? beautiful images. I’ve just been scrolling through your posts, and they’re just lovely…
        The collage to the left of the page, in fabric; it looks like a city scape with washing lines across the tops of the buildings – where does that come from? I love it.

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      3. I find most of my images on Pintrest… I save them to boards as I like them and to my photos and they seem to come in handy at some point-just works…? Some-a few are pieces I have done myself. I dabble in drawing in pencil and some water color. It’s all new to me, Jane. My career was in child protection for 25 years. Go figure…?

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      4. Child protection that’s a noble calling – maybe that’s why there’s such a warm innocence to many of the images you have chosen, and even the ones which suggest suffering are beautiful…

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      5. Yep-perhaps. It goes deep…
        Maybe I was able to do some good-the system…you know.
        What I do now is totally fun and enables me to express every part of my life experience in creative/fun ways..
        I just commented on “Sins of the Children” magnificent, Jane! Thank you!!!

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