Summer Morning

Blazing heat, early swelter.

Dank sweetness in damp arable soil.

Aroma surpassing, every intoxicating fragrance.


Last, lingering, luxurious under-tone  

The Master Perfumer’s collective emoluments,

Most heavenly, pungent and rare.


Overcoming the senses,

Arousing a longing,

In Blazing Color




Summer Morning

Summer Morning Song

Tiny rain-soaked pots and stones 

Precious, hidden, glorious.

Flourish yet untended

There’s one who cares for you.


Cherubim and tiny blooms bow down before Him

 Gaze ever sun-ward

Summer Morning Song


Summer Morning

Voracious climbing   clustering   twisting


Newly shooting   dancing  twining  


Bursting blooming   fragrance   wafting  


Multitudes buzzing   pistils   spending


Quietly fading   singeing    heat  


 Viscerally  clicking   cloistering   containing  


A Vining   Summer   Morning







Summer Morning

fledgling buried and hidden…covered and softly rooted…
hope incarnate…

Fledgling-deeply, slept-buried and softly hidden

Risen-securely rooted-warmed with evening sun

Hope incarnate-in a Summer Morning garden


Summer Morning

in a summer morning garden…

Symbols, seen and unseen

Blazing heat, shade in shadow

Centering, rounding, promising


In a summer morning garden





Summer Morning

blazing tropical lady…
secret pockets holding pools…
honored garden guest…


Blazing tropical lady, blooming full

Nodes, needles, secret pockes holding pools

Honored guest, but for a nat’s breath-Garden Queen 


Summer Morning

blazing stags well traveled…
boasting a decade’s wealth…
horned king as morning dawns…

Blazing stags, well traveled, pot-bound

Boasting a decade’s wealth-smothered, soiled, sunned

Bursting color deck-side, Horned King as morning dawns.