A Goodly Way

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Spinly Spun Lipogram

via Spinly Spun Lipogram


My head encounters changing spaces

Bits of silver rush, blowing my mind in the quiet gale

What will I think tomorrow

Summer Morning

A memory from somewhere here and gone

Lime sherbet raspberries and cream

Held forever eternal like a love song

Summer morning…


In eagerness hearty soil shows it’s worth

Northerly gusts defy nature’s pulse

Knotty roots push tender shoots fiercely sunward



Notes open and close like Pandora’s Box

Joy in praise to God

Grace abounds as we seek His face

Straights and Creeks


A lunar pull apart.

Born of self-same shelf.

Dig deep, Ye Pictorial Builders,

Ye Leatherneck Drivers!

One, young living coral.

Another, ancient decayed pluff.

May you tender the shelf.

Let your lines be straight.

Above the orb on reef and marsh

Life and death flow in sync.


Dedicated to


Photographer: Tanya Ackerman